Where women meet with intention.

We are everyday women. We may have superpowers, but we are not superhuman. We are here to support one another through intentional mentorship and professional coaching, one personal conversation at a time.

It's time to reimagine how mentorship happens.

Everyone needs a little career help once in a while.

With remote working you may feel disconnected and less in control of your career. There is a lot going on in the social landscape and hundreds of resources out there. Wouldn’t it be nice to just talk connect with someone who has been there and done that! Need a nudge or a little advise? MentorSHE is starting place for finding informal mentorship and/or a professional coach.

Pay it forward.

We can make a difference. Sharing successes, ups and downs, and the challenges we overcame are part of our unique story and can empower other women. If you want to support other women you can mentor someone here. If you need a framework for mentorship, we can help. Whether it's one hour or 100 hours, you decide how much time to invest, when, and with whom.

How does all this work?

We operate by fostering an environment where matching, events and activities are facilitated by MentorSHE and members of the community.
When you join, you sign up in our app, a become part of a new voluntary community.
If you are a seeker, choose the Mentee role.
If you are an "experienced operator" choose the Mentor role.
In either role, you decide when you are ready to find each other by making yourself ready to match.

It's fun! Come try.

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Maria McGinn

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